Go through an Alaskan yacht, any Alaskan. You will see how every aspect of boat building comes together to create an original work of art. Hull construction, deck layout, joinery, salon and cockpit design are all integrated and rendered as a single concept… a true testament to the pride and passion of the people who build Alaskan yachts. The Alaskan shipyard has long been an innovator and pioneer in building state-of-the-art yachts.

Alaskan is proud of its heritage. Arthur DeFever designed a popular series of yachts that defined the trawler / expedition market. His inspiration of upgrading his wooden yachts to a fiberglass composite construction put Alaskan Yachts on the map. Today there are seventy plus 56' to 80' Alaskans cruising the world.

Take the helm of an Alaskan and you’ll experience a sense of quality, control, and performance you’ve never known before. Craftsmanship rooted in maritime heritage. Innovation. Service. Performance. These are not merely attributes of Alaskan Yachts; they are our core values.