Alaskan 66

All models are available in Flushdeck, Raided Pilothouse and enclosed Flybridge Sky Lounge designs.

All new build models interiors can be modified to owners cruising needs.

The Alaskan 66 is available with a 19'6" beam

Alaskan 66

Anticipating the needs of the future meant setting higher standards. Alaskan Yachts continuously commits its resources and staff to harnessing all the technological advances to build the finest fiberglass motoryachts. Items including selecting the best Naval Architect with a proven track record for each project; tank testing each new hull design to assure maximum performance at various speeds in a wide range of sea conditions; noise abatement throughout the yacht; choosing the finest core materials, resins and gel coats are all carefully thought out before a project is begun. This is how the Alaskan 66 was conceived.

Features such as speed, range, ride, efficiency and comfort are usually at the top of a yacht buyer’s list. Unfortunately, when it comes to reality, these features don’t always go hand in hand. That’s why the Alaskan staff spends an extraordinary amount of time engineering vessels that balance these traits into a yacht that continuously performs up to expectations, year after year.