Alaskan 70

All models are available in Flushdeck, Raised Pilothouse and enclosed Flybridge Sky Lounge designs.

All new build models interiors can be modified to owners cruising needs.

Alaskan 70

The entire staff at Alaskan Yachts never loses sight of the task for which a motoryacht is built. Each yacht is built slowly with great attention to every detail. Details like hull shape, laminate strength, engine placement, fuel system integrity, etc., all work together to make an Alaskan as sea-kindly, as comfortable and as safe as humanly possible.

Climb aboard the Alaskan 70, look around. Examine the systems installations, the wiring, the fiberglass work. Every Alaskan is built not only to hold up under the most demanding sea conditions, but also to withstand the most critical scrutiny

The sheer shape and elegance of the Alaskan 70 is enough to evoke praise from the most experienced yachtsman, but it’s the people of Alaskan who are even more impressive.

Each hull, deck and superstructure design is shaped and built for optimum performance and efficiency. Each is constructed of the finest materials by craftsmen who possess the advantage of having built a great number of fiberglass components. They know what will work and what will not. Because of their experience, they do not have to “reinvent the wheel” when an owner has a special request.